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Featured topics: Amish, Mennonites, Antiques,
Folk Art, and
Lancaster County's heritage

Mel Horst, Photographer of the Amish "Amish Perspectives" is a contemporary examination of the Amish culture. Over the past century, the Amish have learned to adapt their way of life to cope with the changing world around them.
This publication is an insightful collaboration by multiple experts in the Amish society. The pages are filled with exquisite color photography of the Amish by Lancaster county native, Mel Horst.

Cost: $10.00                        [Add to Cart] 


Among the Amish -
An overview the Amish way of life. Includes over 100 photo's

Cost: $4.50  [Add to Cart] 

PA Dutch Folklore
A sampler of lore, including Pow-Wow, superstitions, weather, holiday practices, home remedies, epitaphs, and proverbs
Cost: $4.50  [Add to Cart] 

Meet the Mennonites-
A Historical account tracing numerous religious sects

Cost: $4.50  [Add to Cart] 

Covered Bridges of PA Dutchland- Illustrations of more than half of the existing old covered wooden bridges in Southern PA

Cost: $4.50  [Add to Cart] 

Hex Signs & Barn Decorations-
A well documented study of symbolic images native to PA, VA, WV

The Amish: An Illustrated Essay -
An Interesting and informative record; a vivid first-hand story of these quaint & religous folk

Lancaster County Farm Cookbook-Nearly 300 popular recipes gathered from families of Lancaster County, PA


The Dunkard Dutch Cookbook-
More than 400 turn-of-the-century tasty dishes including funnel cake, snitz, fasnacht cake.


Early Country Furniture -
Abundantly illustrated with examples of hand-crafted furniture of our ancestors. Many pieces made out of necessity by farmer-craftsmen or rural jack-of-all trades.

Antiques of PA Dutchland -
More than 100 photo's and information about Stiegal glass, bottles, iron, textiles & needlework, butter molds, cookie cutters, rifles, clocks, pottery, Lehnware, candle molds, fraktur.

Proverbs, Maximums, & Folk Sayings-

Wit & Wisdom of yesterday, including more than 1,300 expressions of Folk wisdom from our rural heritage.

Early Home Remedies -
Collection of hundred's of interesting and now often humorous remedies, from almanacs and doctor books of more than a centutry ago.

Scherenschnitte -

Household Tools & Tasks -

Country Store -
A historical & pictoral review of the Country Store of yesteryear. Includes an extensive review of wares and merchandise.

All photographs copyright Melvin J. Horst. These are registered
copyrights. They are placed here for your viewing pleasure, and
informational purposes only and may not be used without permission.

Mel Horst, Photographer of the Amish

A native Lancaster Countian, Mel Horst has been photographing the Amish since 1948.

Ever sensitive to Amish reticence about photography, Horst has approached his projects with an eye to recording the Amish as a culture rather than as a tourist curiosity. His fluency in the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect has enabled him to photograph scenes that would not have been possible for an outsider.

Over the past 45 years, Horst has illustrated a series of 40 pictorial booklets on antiques, folk art, and the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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